A Brief Comment on a Historic Event

A large contingent of people seem to be so distracted by their knee-jerk, xenophobic, Jesus-based paranoia that they are failing to recognize the historical significance of what really just happened.

Sadly, it appears that we may not have gotten as far as I hazarded to hope last night.  On the flip side, the significance of the victory is compelling: the weight of a vocal marginalia is no longer a mandate over the rest of the more-reserved majority.

And to suggest that African-American excitement and pride before this landmark event is evidence of a racial bias to this election is dishonest and childish.  Were that Senator (now President-elect) Obama's only platform, he would have enjoyed the same success as earlier black candidates.

This is a moment that the black community is entitled to be proud of.  It's a moment for America to be proud of.  I know I am.

The American Dream is not, in fact, dead.

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